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Pad thai - Thailand Traditional Street Food

Pad thai is a stir-fried rice noodle dish commonly served as a street food at most restaurants in Thailand. This is the Traditional Food of Thailand. This is the street food, So I prefer you to taste this from any roadside shop not from a big restaurant. I ate this from a roadside stall, at Khaosan Road, Bangkok. It costed me 40 Thai Bhatt (Around ₹100). The taste was good (Not so delicious 😅). Must Try, if you are planning to visit#Thailand.

When I planned for Everest Base Camp Trek...

You don't need much money for Trekking...
Hence proved-
When I planned for Everest Base Camp Trek, I went to Decathlon showroom, They made a list of things I should carry on my trek.... which costing me around Rs 75000.
But I went there with the things I had and you can see- I completed the trek with
Normal Trouser and T-shirt of Rs 500
Sunglasses of Rs 200
Shoes of Rs 700...
Trekking is all depended on your courage, not on equipment you have...
Dhanyawaad 😀